In this world where we all are rushing to get a living and to maintain our own lives are we doing something for our soul? Something for our heart? And something for this world as a whole where we live? Don’t we have any other responsibilities towards the mankind except filling our own pockets?

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If we really have the responsibilities and the true intentions then the next question is where are the opportunities.
Well if we look around there are always so many opportunities. If we really want to make someone’s day someone’s dream and thus someone’s life then we have to understand them, their needs, what are their wants and their situations. Coming from a privileged background ,living good lives ,we are definitely blessed but sharing a little of this blessings will only increase the positivity. We are human beings send to this world with a purpose to fulfil and the purpose is not really just to be responsible for ourselves but also to hold the responsibility of others too if required and possible. But just wanting to do something for this world does not mean that it the opportunity of doing it would come knocking at our doors. we have to go out and search the opportunities if you really want to make the most out of them. In this quarantining period when there is only insecurities, trust me the hard you think your life is, the harder are their lives who are in need. The workers, the labourers who have laid down their life for our betterment everyday have no work to do right now or no place to go ,nothing to eat or nothing to wear so for them ,the privileged ones i.e us, we have to take the responsibility and help them out, however possible and this can be done in the most simplest way by joining any NGO or rather the truthful ones who really want to help the people in need.

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If we can volunteer for this NGO who are putting their life out for helping the ones out there who really need us during this time , then only we can truly say; quote ‘we are in this together’. Everyone is dealing with their own problems and struggling with their own issues but I am sure that sometimes seeing a smile on someone else’s face brought by us might just not light up their lives but also ours. Our life can also light up by their blessings and their happiness. And who knows maybe while doing this we can actually find a purpose for our lives or maybe a path long-forgotten. Helping them by advertising or by hiring people who can advertise and spread the word is the least we can do. while they are going out to help the ones who need we can help from our side by spreading the word of their noble deeds and asking people to donate or raise funds. If we can come together during this distressed times and also give other the opportunities to help from their sides then maybe ee we can really get out of this situation together. And when we really get in this together and help from our heart Mother Earth smiles as her children breathe and we get back something way more precious than what we came for.


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