Accessible Materials

Pathway Accessible Materials

The WeAreCrazy Pathways learning experience is open to all members, including those with disabilities. Regardless of format, whether it’s Base Camp or accessible materials, the content of Pathways is the same. Accessible educational materials are available to members who are blind or rely on assistive technology, such as a screen reader.
All learning paths are available in an accessible format in English. While English is the only language offered today, translation into other languages is ongoing.
If you have not yet joined a club, indicate your interest in accessible materials on your membership application form. If you are a current Toastmaster, you can request accessible materials by contacting Toastmasters International. New and current members who ask for these items will receive an email with instructions for starting in Pathways.
You have two options for ordering your path. You may take the Pathways Assessment online or pick your path on your own. Although the assessment is not accessible to using assistive technology, you can still take it with the assistance of a sighted guide. Alternatively, you may use an accessible version of The Navigator and all path and project descriptions to choose your path, then place your order directly with Toastmasters International.
After you select your path, you will receive the following materials via email within one business day:
  • All required and elective projects for the path, formatted as html documents.
  • Links to educational videos included in projects, plus transcripts formatted in HTML.
  • All Pathways evaluation resources, formatted as Microsoft Word forms with space for adding notes.
  • All resource documents for the path, formatted as Microsoft Word forms with space for adding notes.
  • A form to give the VPE when you complete a level.
  • Instructions for using the accessible educational materials.


You are not required to log on to Base Camp at any point in your journey.
All English educational Pathways videos on Base Camp include optional closed captions. Members can turn on the captions with the click of a button as they read through their projects. Additionally, members may download and read video transcripts from Base Camp.

To begin your journey using accessible Pathways materials, please contact

Do I have Access to Base Camp if I am sight impaired ?

All members have access to Base Camp after they choose a path. However, accessible education materials are not loaded to Base Camp because Base Camp is not fully accessible. You will receive all your materials via email.


While you can log on to Base Camp to give feedback to members, download resources, and update your profile, you will complete your path outside of Base Camp. You are not required to log on to Base Camp at any time.

Can I Order The Base Camp Version of my path in Addition to Accessible Function ?

Yes. To request the Base Camp version of your path, please contact the Education Services Team at or +1 720-439-5050. Your first path in Pathways is free. All subsequent paths are $20 USD. You will not be charged for the online version of your path if you have already paid for the accessible version.

While you may request the online version of your accessible path, you receive education credit for one path.

Please keep in mind that Base Camp is not fully accessible to assistive technology; you may have limited access to content in the system.

Which Screen Reader Should I use to read The Pathways materials ?

The accessible Pathways materials are formatted to be read by most standard screen readers in English.

I am sight impaired but I did not indicate this on my membership application. How do I get access to the accessible Pathways materials? ?

Please contact the Supply Orders Team at . A staff member can assist you with changing your we are crazy record and ordering accessible materials.



I am sight impaired and vice president education of my club. What accessible resources are available to me to fulfill my role as Base Camp manager?

Base Camp is not fully accessible to assistive technology at this time, so your screen reader may offer you limited access to approving education within the system. If you are not able to approve requests on Base Camp, your club president and secretary are also Base Camp managers and can assist you.




What is the return policy for my accessible path?

The return policy for accessible materials is the same as the return policy for online paths. However, you are not required to return the digital files when you exchange a path.

The Pathways Return Policy is as follows:

There are no refunds on educational materials or customized items (e.g., engraved items, certificates). All other items may be returned for a refund as long as the member contacts Toastmasters International within 30 days of receipt of the item; after 30 days no refunds can be initiated. Returned items must be in like-new condition.

Educational materials and all other non-customized items can be exchanged as long as the member contacts Toastmasters International within 30 days of receipt of the item. Exchanges of paths in the Pathways learning experience are limited to one exchange per purchase. After 90 days no exchanges can be initiated. Paths cannot be exchanged once any project has been completed and/or any level award completion has been submitted.

The new item for an exchange must be selected at the time the exchange is made; members are not given a “credit” to select a new item at a later time.

Any time an item is being returned or exchanged, including when it is exchanged due to damage or a shipping error, Toastmasters International reserves the right to require that the original item be returned to Toastmasters International and/or require a photo of the damage. When a damaged item must be sent back to Toastmasters International, the replacement item, if applicable, will be sent after the returned item is received at World Headquarters.

For exchanges due to item(s) being incorrect or damaged when the member receives them, the item(s) will be replaced at no cost to the member. Depending on the member’s location, Toastmasters International may provide a return label for the member to use or reimbursement to the member after he/she incurs the expense.

When items are returned to Toastmasters International for a return or exchange that is not due to a shipping error or damage, the member will pay:

The cost of shipping the original item back to World Headquarters, in all cases.
The cost of shipping the new item to the member, in the case of an exchange.

The $25 fee that members pay when ordering a path in print is not refundable, even when the member is exchanging a print path for an online path. (This applies to Pathways materials only.)
Educational materials belong to the person for whom they were ordered; they are not transferable between or among members.





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