In today’s world when everyone is busy and running like path forgotten pilgrims to get their job done, a question comes. Are we really feeling good about how we spent each day, does anything excite us about the day when we wake up? What would we do if we have got the chance to do something else. the answer to this is that we all know that not everyone is really happy with what they are doing right now if anyone would have got the chance to do something else then maybe we have done that or at least we have given a thought about it. But the question is what can really bring peace to our soul? If you try to follow our dreams or do something that we have always wanted it might be good it is a good thing to do that because then we will be following our heart but how will we bring peace to our soul? Well, if we can do something for others then maybe their smile can bring a little peace to our soul.

If we try to be the reason behind someone else’s happiness or someone else’s smile then maybe that will we can actually ourselves be happy. In a world when everyone is selfish and everyone wants to fulfill their own dreams and only care about themselves maybe we can be the reason for someone else’s smile.
but that cannot always be done in a daily lives of that cannot always be done as a full time job but it can definitely be done as a part time thing. Especially in this time of crisis when so many people don’t even have anything to eat everyday while the privileged ones lie on their bed and do their work like always, professionals like labourers ,shop keepers ,bus conducters,under-priviledged ones don’t even know what to do. So if we can work for them or we can bring some food for them or we can provide them with some money then that will really help this people and .At the end of the day we are all in this together.the only way we can get over this is by supporting each other always and by becoming a pillar for everybody else.
So we need to come together in this time when Earth has been attacked by a deadly virus. For that we can always donate and work for the NGOs that provide help. We all can work online for these NGOs by helping them with advertisements or helping them to hire people. We can help the needy always by volunteering for ngo s and by reaching them do something for this mankind and find solace in helping someone else. If wenreally put our heart out in this noble work then we will also learn so much from this. We will learn to empathize. We would know something about the world outside our comfort zone. We will always know about about the real world where not everything is sugar coated and the reality is harsh.
Show your support by working part timing at a place that supports who have been rejected luck. The smile on their pain will aid our heart and in this isolation when we are so far away from the ones we love and those who matter to us let your warmth and their blessings get together.
And it is assured that the peace one can get from helping these people who are living a life most of us can’t even think of. Becoming sunshine in their life might just make our day, week , or even month and who knows maybe through this our parched heart might actually feel good and complete.

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