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Natural Environment is a keyword that standstill economic valuation, many a critique has stated that Economic growth cannot lead to enviormental growth simultaneously but there is a connective joint line that gives us ideas to deal with both. It is our prior responsblity to give always a check towards minimal hamper to our mother earth. Keeping this perspective in mind I volunteered as an environmentalist in an American NGO ‘Green Peace’ which dealt basically with spreading the awareness of using biodegradable things in return to avoid the uses of non-biodegradable things made up of plastic and polymers. I volunteered Green peace to bring habitual changes in me though to generate an influence mechanism to bring change in society even. Here while volunteering as a convener I learnt how to create awareness among people to curb their daily plastic wastes for eg suppose – Drinking juice at juice corner in a disposal add ons straw as single used plastic to be thrown in garbages, drains, rivers, oceans. During my volunteering time I came to encounter pathetic conditions of marine lifes due to our lack of sensitivity and care towards them. Green peace sponsors pencils, shoes, bags made up of recycled waste and papers which can be usable back again help to curb out least carbon footprint.

Human impacts on marine ecosystems. Human activities affect marine ecosystems as a result of pollution, overfishing, the introduction of invasive species, and acidification, which all impact on the marine food web and may lead to largely unknown consequences for the biodiversity and survival of marine life forms. And so on Industrial Revolution is the keen reason of all varierty of pollution affecting mother earth since more than 250 years of transboundary pollution.

Let’s talk now of financial curse and impact on environment that how ” financial aspects shoot up encroaching the roots of nature”. My voluteership in such non commercial forum made me realised of how one’s captive power of making a chnage can create idealistic approach for others.
My desk of work was to make collaborative efforts in creation awareness among the people with my colleagues so we and our institution can put our bit in changing our surroundings to more viable and reliable place to live, lead and stand in unity to nurture our nurturer in all possible manners.
We the changemakers can endrose to a better future with keeping the finest balance between economy and environment. The greed of self satisfaction at the cost of leaving behind it’s poor impact has to be put down with a holistic approach of sanskrit quotation – सर्वे भवन्तुः सुखिनः ll सर्वे भवन्तुः निरामयाः ll – which means the whole earth has limitless creatures all of them should be happy by all means and healthy by all means.
Green peace has widen the idea of wisdom like green economy using paper less cash which speeds up the mobility of economy with least paper consuming technology.
European countries give a balance example of keeping balance between the both- Cycling is a mandatory locomotive vehicle to reduce greenhouse gases while physical activity will enhance the mechanism of human body which collapses due to convinience. Well not only this we need to inbuild the sensitivity among our forthcoming generations to realise the importance of nature to remain as a rock part of deterministic approach. Possiblism has widen the area of comforblity but at the cost of losing our land getting submerged into ocean. All developed nation ‘s economic strengthen goals will depower the basic land acquired space of small island countries. We have to give a clarity check to ensure all side growth with safety and healthy life.

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