Possibly one of the worst and one of the best features of the modern online job search is the questionable “One Click Apply” buttons. This feature first took off with Monster in 2013 and was quickly followed by Indeed the following year. The idea sounds good: let busy job seekers submit all of their information to companies as quickly as possible, through the click of a single “Apply” button. The idea began to backfire, though, when companies were overwhelmed with applications. ATS software could still sort and filter the most promising candidates, but employers had to apply increasingly stricter parameters, leaving more qualified applicants out to dry if their résumés happened to miss a single keyword.

Of course, the other problem was the massive increase in competition. Jobs that still required thoughtful, more time-consuming applications were much more likely to work out than job postings that obtained hundreds of applications within a few seconds.

So we made a platform which is best for both Job Seeker & Recruiter. WeareCrazy is the platform where you find a simple way to find a job or recruiter easily find a person which is best for their organization