Education is an important part of every WeAreCrazy's journey, and it is a critical aspect of all club meetings around the world. Develop and practice communication and leadership skills in the safe, supportive environment of your club, working through projects and assignments that enable you to build real–world skills in a variety of disciplines. Learn at your own pace in a proven curriculum that was built on four guiding principles that have been in place since Toastmasters was founded in 1924:

Experiential learning By giving speeches and fulfilling leadership roles, you practice and improve.

Peer feedback – Grow and improve through honest and supportive peer evaluation.

Mentoring – Experienced mentors encourage, guide and support you in your goals and help you to achieve more than you thought possible.

Self-paced program – Develop skills at your own pace and comfort level.

WeAreCrazy education is comprised of the traditional education program, the Pathways learning experience, the Youth Leadership Program, the Interpersonal Communication Program and the Speechcraft Program.



Education Program Resources

Member Achievement Record

Download this form to track your progress toward Toastmasters’ educational awards.

Education Flowchart Program

Refer to this flow chart to get a better understanding of how the Education Program works.

WeAreCrazy Recongition

Description of each of the WeArecrazy educational awards and how to earn them.

Meet Us

Meet Us

There is so much to view in the City of Light.
Say Oui to Paris and the 2020 WeArecrazy International Convention.

And the Winner Is ?


And the Winner Is?

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