Are you Crazy for Success?

Let’s start upgrading you for a better version of yourself!

Speak the following lines aloud:

I have to hustle…
I have to think outside the box…
To make things happen when it seems impossibly difficult for anything to happen.
I win or learn. I never lose!
I will succeed, not immediately but absolutely and definitely.
I will take action when others hesitate
I will think big when others don’t
I will sacrifice when others won’t
I will dare to dream of greatness when others fear it.
I will outwork my competition day and night.
I am the captain of my fate, the master of my soul
The boss of my dreams, the king of my goals.
Yes, I am crazy, I am crazy. Crazy, crazy, crazy.
I am crazy enough to make it happen.

If you can speak this aloud from your heart, Congratulations…
You have successfully taken the first step forward towards success.

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We are Crazy is a non-profit educational organization that teaches personal development through a worldwide network of clubs. We are Crazy is helping people from diverse backgrounds become more successful, happy and rich. Use these online resources to enhance your experience:


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